Imagine being born in the 20th century, yet knowing nothing of electricity, or a plane, an automobile, or any technology. You haven't even seen a building taller than two stories. And then one day you are confronted with the modern world. Worse yet, you were raised in chaos, without the proper guidance a child needs. What would you make of your existence in the complex modern world? Could you thrive? Could you even survive?

An Old Black Marble is a psychological thriller about Cipiran Indre, a man born in Eastern Europe, in the middle of WWII. His life is destined, by the fate of his birth, to be one of pain in a world with few options. Then one day, while still a young boy, he finds a little black rock with a peculiar shine. It's nothing, but he likes it, it's the size of the hole in his heart, so he keeps it. Yet in no time, as one disaster flows into another, his little shiny rock becomes something colder, something darker. It becomes his nemesis, turning his whole world inside out, setting him on a quest that most of us would not wish on our worst enemy, yet in the end something truly magical does happen. Everything was in fact as it seemed, but nothing is the same. Perspective changes everything. Discover the mystery of that Old Black Marble.

From the beginning of time everyone has been searching yet no one finding, that age old quest for peace and freedom from pain. Maybe it can't be found. Or can it? Cyprian searched a lifetime, seemingly in vain, yet at the nexus of his existence he finally found it, all wrapped up in a long forgotten old black marble. But you don't need a lifetime. You just need to read An Old Black Marble and enjoy the thrill ride of your own discovery.


Florin Nicoara


Friday, June 26, 2015

  An Old Black Marble is NOW available!

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