Imagine being born in the 20th century, but not knowing what electricity is. Or a plane, automobile, or even seeing a building taller than two stories. And then one day you are confronted with this modern world. And even more, imagine that you were raised in chaos, without the proper guidance a child needs. What would you make of your existence and the world?

An Old Black Marble is a psychological thriller about Cipiran Indre, a man born in Eastern Europe in the middle of WWII. His life is destined by the fate of his birth to be one of pain, suffering, and loss in a world with few options. Then one day, while still a young boy, he finds a little black rock with a peculiar shine. It's nothing, but he likes it, so he keeps it. Yet in no time, as one disaster flows into another, his little shiny rock becomes something else entirety turning his whole world inside out setting him on a quest that most of us do not even dare to dream of.

So if you would like to journey into a familiar world, yet one that seems beyond your reach, then join Ciprian Indre on his journey as he reaches into An Old Black Marble.

Read, enjoy, and email me your feedback whatever it may be.


Florin Nicoara


Friday, June 26, 2015

  An Old Black Marble is NOW available!

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And if you would like to read excerpts from An Old Black Marble simply scroll down below The Biker. Read my books, enjoy and send me your feedback.

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